Pebble Coating

PebbleKote is our premium product within our range due to its stunningly beautiful appearance and amazing weathering characteristics.

This new pebble coating known as PebbleKote is versatile to any imaginable design with a huge variety of colours and sizing. It is available in bags of 8kg (1sqm) for the DIY enthusiast or in truckloads for landscapers, developers, and builders.

The Pebbles are mixed with a time-proven, self-crosslinking, UV stable polymer and is simply laid into place, contoured and left to dry. It is quick, it is timeless and beautifully elegant.

Give us a call on 0312616866 or email and let us help you fulfill your dreams for a home of outstanding class and elegance. We have over 30 years experience in this field. When it comes to pebble paving, ask for PebbleKote.

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How to lay out our PebbleKote

A Pebble Paving instruction video to show how easy it is to apply PebbleKote

A Pebble Paving instruction video to show how easy it is to apply PebbleKote

Thanks to the makers of this great pebble video from PebbleStone Flooring USA

Take note of the constant cleaning of their mirror-finished trowels, these tools are essential for ease of application and smooth finish! We will soon be offering the super high quality trowels from a proud Italian manufacturer


We have a range of the utmost quality Stainless Steel super flexible, guaranteed trowels to accomplish the perfect finish on our KOTE products, whether Pebbles, Sand, Rubber, Glass, Grit and others.

We have the sole agency for Southern Africa for this famous brand since 1963.

If quality is important to you, give us a call, we will help you to match the trowel to the job at hand. Don't forget if you want to see the whole range of products please click here to visit CO.ME website

Or you are welcome to download the PDF catalogue here CATALOGUE 1

Here is the latest addition catalogue of HIGH TECH trowels CATALOGUE 2

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.

Decorative Pebble Pathways - Pebble Driveway - PebbleKote

The beautiful and natural last-forever pebble look pathways and driveways are made with our famous PebbleKote. 

Pebble Walkway

PebbleKote on Walkway

One of our loyal customers applied the PebbleKote onto her walk way and as you can see from the image above, it has turned out splendid and worth doing it yourself.

Pebble Stairs

Pebbles on Your Steps

The same customer who applied our PebbleKote to her walkway (As seen on the left) also used some of our GritKote to clean up her driveway (As seen in black in the above photo) as well as applied our pebbles to her stairs.

Pebble Stairs
Pebble Walkway
Pebble Walkway

PebbleKote Being Applied

Watch one of our customers applying our PebbleKote around his swimming pool (As also seen on the right)

Pebble paving around a pool

Pool Paving - PebbleKote

As you can see, the finished product looks incredible around one of our customers pool at their home.

Pebble Floor
Pebble Floor on Concrete Flooring

Pebble Paving - PebbleKote

As you can see, the finished product looks stunning in the home environment

Pebble Floor
Pebble walkway using PebbleKote to cover old bricks and concrete
PebbleKote inside the kitchen area of a Nature Reserve Estate

Pebble Walkways

A customer of ours has laid down pebbles in and around the lappa area of her reserve, keeping with the place a rustic feel but also making the pathways look gorgeous

PebbleKote around a Lapa in a Nature Reserve

Magnificent Driveway

Beautiful Garden

Stunning Balcony

Designer Pathway

Colourful Pathways

Stunning Stairways


Swimming Pools

Indoor Pebble Flooring

Shovel It On

Flatten It Out





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