PolyKote Label


PolyKote is where our magic is derived from. This milky water-based resin has been very specifically developed over many years of testing and refining to finally find a wide-ranging application unique to all our KOTE products.

PolyKote is milky in the wet state and super-clear in the dried state. It is aggressively adhesive to the point where it should be regarded as permanent once laid and dried.

Depending on your application PolyKote can be used on its own as a clear protective coating for almost any and every substrate. It can be used on wood, ceramic tiles, over paint, on roof tiles after installation, or cleaning. It can be mixed with our proprietary aggregates such as super attractive pebbles, or high-class sand, or rubber granules as well as our incredible ceramic spheres that are astoundingly effective in insulating against heat etc.

If mixed with water it can be sprayed onto sandy and dusty areas to form a solid surface.

It can be mixed with acrylic tints to create all colours.


Our new 1lt screw cap bottles allow you to decant smaller amounts of our PolyKote product while keeping the rest of it free from contamination or drying out. It is the perfect solution for when you are doing sample patches of PebbleKote or SandKote or patch sections of the same products.


Don't forget to make sure that you are cleaning your surface area with KleenKote before putting down any of your PolyKote products.

You may even want to put down a patch of KreteKote before you put down any other Kote product as this will help seal the surface as well as create the perfect base coating for the Kote product.

PolyKote Label





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