SticKote is real magic!

This is the culmination of seven years of research and development so as to arrive at the exact product that solves a multitude of problems in the coating and aggregate industry.

Applying pebbles to a vertical wall successfully has always been a major challenge which we are happy to say is now overcome.

A pebble paving that has been previously laid and pebbles are coming loose, this SticKote will over-coat the pebbles and solve a few problems, bind loose pebbles, create an easy-to-clean surface and provide a comfortable under-foot smooth finish.

SticKote Demo Video

So you have placed down the pebble paving but your client is looking for a more 'smooth' finish well we have the solution. While SticKote can be used to apply pebbles vertically we have found that the binder can also be used as a 'glaze' coating for on top of the pebbles.
This will help make it last longer and more weather resistant.

The Stickiest of Coatings

Available in 1kg, 5kg and 20kg buckets so you can easily scoop out your extra creamy binder for your pebbles and other aggregates for your walls, floors and roofs.

Vertical Pebble Wall - SticKote - Pebble Wall
Vertical Pebble Wall - SticKote - Pebble Wall
Vertical Pebbles - Pebble Wall

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.

Before Applying SticKote to Laid and Cured Pebble Paving

Applying SticKote

Applying a layer of SticKote over your pebbles is easy.
The thicker binder overcoat fills up the spaces between the pebbles but once dried will be clear and leave a glossy protective coating over the pebbles.

After Applying SticKote to Laid and Cured Pebble Paving

Day 1 After Application

The Overcoat takes
4 - 5 Days to go Completely Clear

Remember the 7 day curing time rule!
Also make sure to always keep your pebbles dry during the curing phase.

Day 4 After Application




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