GritKote Label

GritKote is a beautiful pitch black outdoor floor covering, it is a safe non-slip finish for a great many surfaces. It is 7MOH hardness, almost as hard as diamond

Use GritKote as a new means of covering deep holes in your driveway but never lose its colour or wearability.

GritKote can be high-pressure cleaned, it is UV stable, flexible, impervious to the elements and has the most amazing adhesive strength.

GritKote is packaged in bags of 20kg. Simply mix with PolyKote and start trowelling as per the video.

GritKote Demo Video

Our GritKote video shows you how to apply the product as well as some tips as to how easy it can be applied as long as you follow the basic steps and rules laid out not just in the video but also in the Surface Preparation Document that we have provided for you to read.

As mentioned in the video, KonKote is essential to preparing your surface correctly.

Refurbishing an Old Double Garage

As you can see above, the old tiled garage is in need of repair. The floor has seen better days and was in dire need of sprucing up.
Below you can see the after effect of laying down a specialised product that is non slip and the colour will never fade, eco-friendly and easy to maintain as the years go by and the area is used regularly by multiple vehicles.

GritKote - Indoor Garage Floor Coating


Using our specialised binder to mix with the hard wearing aggregate used on the floor of this big double garage the customer is guaranteed to have a long lasting, non-fading, eco-friendly and wearable floor coating that will not crack or damage over time.

GritKote Label




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