PoolKote Label

PoolKote was developed as a tinted waterproofing medium that doesn't have any harmful chemicals like most pool sealants.

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As seen in the images above, PoolKote has been applied to a pool surface with a roller.

The intense white colour of the PoolKote really shows when compared to other white paints.

pool protective coating


As shown in the picture to the bottom left, the pool was dull but after being prepared with KleenKote and painted with our tinted PoolKote the difference is incredible.

The specially tinted PoolKote protects the surface and the colour will never fade or dull over time.

Pebbled uprights for pool feature
Pool paint, Pool coating, PoolKote
Pebble coating and Pool coating for your pool area
Pool Coating - PoolKote
Pool Sealant
Pool Coating

PoolKote has been developed as a pool waterproof coating that doesn't have hazardous chemicals that could potentially cause severe damage to yourself or others.

This waterproofing paint is specifically designed to refurbish your pool, and protect it from the suns harmful UV rays that cause fading and protect it from the algae that has a habit of constantly growing in your pool.

The blue vibrancy of PoolKote will make any pool look brand new. Another wonderful feature of this paint is that the colour will not fade nor will pool algae grow on it as it has an algicide in the paint. You can paint PoolKote directly onto a pools surface (after you have painted on a prep coating) without the use of safety equipment as this coating doesn't have any hazardous chemicals that could cause serious harm to your skin or lungs.

Being a water-based product means that PoolKote is an eco-friendly product and also doesn't require harmful chemicals to clean your tools. Simply use water.

Don't just consider the coating for inside your pool, you should also think about the area surrounding your pool too. Since the pool side will have guests walking or running around you would definitely want to apply a Non-Slip coating so that they can safely walk around the pool without you having to worry about them falling or slipping on the wet surfaces.

We would recommend that you use our GripKote to paint onto your poolside surfaces. It is a clear non slip paint that also has an algicide (Algae killing additive) that will keep the area from becoming slippery due to moisture.


Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.

PoolKote Label





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