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Roof Waterproofing - WaterKote

WaterKote is the supreme transparent waterproofing medium developed by the original inventor of single pack acrylic waterproofing systems in the early 1980’s known as Duram RainKote.

At the time of his invention, he owned a company known by many in KZN as Durametz cc. and was responsible for the growth and acceptance of this new waterproofing medium nationwide.

Now, over thirty years later, he has introduced into South Africa a new range of coatings to enhance the beauty and value of properties both residential and industrial.

WaterKote epitomises the modern need for a waterproofing medium that is totally transparent and addresses water damage whilst simultaneously enhancing the aesthetics. It is like a transparent paint, super waterproof and protecting a substrate without being visible. Almost magic!

The universality of this medium is without equal in South Africa at this current time as it has extensive applications that supersedes almost all other mediums available today.

We are fanatical about attention to detail and if you were to ask any chemist or paint technician about the need for a dry film acticide in coastal regions they will tell you it is essential, yet search as you may, you will not find coatings with the acticide additive for dry film protection. WaterKote includes this vital ingredient which halts the growth of mildew and algae.

However, there is much, much more to this Transparent, super clear waterproofing medium. Because it is see-through you can mend translucent roof sheeting without affecting the aesthetics, particularly around skylights on roofs.

One of the most popular uses is to overcoat normal cheap paint to protect it from dirt, UV degradation and moisture ingress. It deepens the colour and preserves the paint far beyond its short lifespan.

Besides the information on this page, we have dedicated a full website to WaterKote here at www.water.kote.co.za please visit this comprehensive site for videos, gallery and in-depth information and guidelines.

Also you can scroll to the bottom of this page for some pictures of jobs done.

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5Lt and 20Lt Screw Cap Containers are available upon request

WaterKote - Clear Waterproofing Coating
WaterKote - Clear Waterproofing Coating
WaterKote - Clear Waterproofing Coating

Clear Waterproofing Coating

Our transparent waterproofing paint is the perfect coating to put over any surface that needs to be waterproofed.

Most waterproofing manufacturing companies focus on formulating a product with specific colours to match your home. Problem is, half the time that colour is not an exact match and doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing.

Kote has developed and is the only see through, transparent, clear waterproofing paint available on the market today.

WaterKote - Clear Protective Coating - Waterproofing - Waterproof Coating - Waterproof Roof Coating - South Africa
WaterKote - Clear Protective Coating - Waterproofing - Waterproof Coating - Waterproof Roof Coating - South Africa
WaterKote - Clear Protective Coating - Waterproofing - Waterproof Coating - Waterproof Roof Coating - South Africa

WaterKote is easy to apply and will dry relatively quickly, especially on a bright and sunny day

Waterproof every surface

With our clear waterproofing paint you can apply it to ANY surface or even accidentally paint over a window frame or

Watch our easy to follow demonstration of how to apply WaterKote to your surfaces.

Our WaterKote Demo video shows just how impressive and effective our product works on wall cladding and can work on any other surface you wish to waterproof.

Suggested Products


If you are planning on using WaterKote on an area which is plagued with mildew or algae, AlgiKote is the product to help clean the area without leaving any soapy residue and also kills the algae so that it will never regrow in that are again once you've applied the WaterKote


WaterKote is perfect for waterproofing your area, but what if you need to have a non-slip section for when it rains?

Applying a single coat of GripKote will give a slip proof surface without discolouring it.

This completely clear coating is perfect to apply to tiles or any surface, whether it be interior surfaces or exterior.

Waterproofing Clear Paint

Waterproofing a Roof

The complete video footage of the waterproofing of a customers rooftop. All the products used were WaterKote, SpunKote and PebbleKote.

Why membranes fail video will help you to understand the issues of poor choices, click here for YouTube video

Prepping a roof for Waterproofing

The BEFORE shot from a customer who had broken away a wall on his roof in order to fix his waterproofing problems

Waterproofing Paint

Once the area was cleaned up it was time to apply WaterKote with SpunKote to help seal all cracks and seams that could be a potential problem in the future.


Once the WaterKote was dry, the customer applied PebbleKote to the areas that had been broken away to make those areas level with the roof and provide a nice effect.

SpunKote Waterproofing
Roof Waterproof Paint
Waterproofing Durban
Roof Waterproofing
KreteKote Sealed Floor
KreteKote Sealed Floor

Kote Contractor in George, Eastern Cape

One of our Kote Contractors used our Kote Product to seal and protect all the floors in the images to the left, right and below.

CLICK HERE to find his info

KreteKote Sealed Floor
KreteKote Sealed Floor
KreteKote Sealed Floor
KreteKote Sealed Floor
Waterproof Your Exterior Walls - WaterKote

WaterKote as a protective coating shielding walls from UV degradation as well as waterproofing of the substrate, maintaining the aesthetics fully since the coating is completely transparent.

Stone Wall Waterproofing - Waterproofing Coating - WaterKote

WaterKote brings out the full colour of natural stone or rock and keeps this beautiful colouring even in torrential rain.

Because WaterKote has a dry-film acticide built into the formulation, it will also keep algae from growing on the surface. There is no other coating you can buy that does what WaterKote does, and at our price per square meter it is a steal.

Rock, slate, cement, concrete, brick, clay tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, terra-cotta tiles, driveways, walls, floors, ceilings, wood, pvc aluminium, steel and just about every substrate will benefit from our proprietary, transparent coating.

Because it is also non-static, it is being used on polycarbonate roof sheeting to prevent the settling of dust and dirt and becomes self washing with each rain.

Waterproofing for Tiles - WaterKote Waterproof Coating

BEFORE Applying WaterKote

Waterproofing for Tiles - Tinted WaterKote on Pool Tiles

WaterKote can be tinted as seen in the above photo.

One of our customers threw in some terracotta acrylic tint into his WaterKote to help bring his tiles back to life.

And as you can see, the newly painted tiles look incredible in comparison to his old weathered tiles.

Roof Waterproofing - WaterKote

WaterKote has tremendous benefits for tiled roofs, whether old or new.

When applied to an old but cleaned roof, it will maintain the clean look for many years whilst simultaneously keeping water from penetrating the clay tiles which add enormous weight to the wooden trusses. It will delay the regrowth of algae substantially obviating the need for regular cleaning expenses.

Because WaterKote is a supremely hard-wearing proprietary new polymer, with a very smooth finish, dirt and bird droppings are washed off with each rainfall. Gone are the days when you see "ground-cover" growing on your roof tiles.

Waterproofing for Tiles - WaterKote Waterproof Coating

AFTER Applying WaterKote

Waterproofing for Tiles - WaterKote Waterproof Coating

WaterKote can be applied to flooring, to help waterproof and seal it for long-lasting protection. It also makes it super easy to clean your floors.

As seen here, one of our customers painted their floor with only ONE coat of WaterKote but as you can see... the glossy finish speaks for its self and will be wonderfully easy to maintain.

Waterproofing for Tiles - WaterKote Waterproof Coating
Home Waterproofing - Waterproofing Coating - WaterKote

WaterKote is an exceptionally effective coating for thatched roofs.

Preserving the good looks from discolouring, waterproofing and weight control from heavy rains.

WaterKote Label






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