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SandKote is a new and exciting proven sand/acrylic compound manufactured for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications as well as a most versatile DIY project material to produce flooring, wall cladding, your own tile shapes and thicknesses, coating for boat decks, stairways, garage floors, shower floors, and too many to mention applications.

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SandKote is trowelled on. It is an extremely strong adhesive compound so will adhere to most clean, grease-free substrates. It dries relatively quickly in warm weather and sets to a hard non-slip surface. It can be tinted using acrylic tints to your liking. The product is packed in plastic buckets. Tools can be washed with water.

It can be used to produce your own flexible tiles by having templates made up of 5mm thickness and squeegeed into position. (we will help with advice)

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SandKote is versatile to any imaginable design with a huge variety of colours and sizing.

It is available in bags of 10kg for the DIY enthusiast or in truckloads for landscapers, developers, and builders.

7kgs + 1Lt WaterKote = 1 Square Metre Coverage

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.

Applying SandKote To Your Walkway

As you can see from the photos above, our SandKote can turn a simple walkway into a beautiful feature that will upgrade your garden or any exterior walking area into a natural but hardwearing flooring.

Sand Coating for Pathways - SandKote - Sand Coating
Sand Coating for Pathways - SandKote - Sand Coating
Sand Coating for Pathways - SandKote - Sand Coating

Applying SandKote To Your Pool Area

As you can see, the finished product looks incredible around one of our customers pools. The original idea was to make it red (as seen in the video - using our red ColorKote) but after some discussion the decision to change it to grey and white sand with our PolyKote binder was agreed upon.

This just goes to show how versatile the product is and how stunning it can look no matter the colour.

Justice Weru is the man behind the work for this project in Mbabane, Swaziland - his company is called Anatoth Investments and his contact info is +26878634757

Applying SandKote To Concrete Patio

As you will note from the video/s and the picture (to the left and below) there is a terrible cracking problem in a forgotten patio area that leads to an office. This means there is considerable foot traffic in the area and requires some decent repair. So the solution was simple... SandKote.

It was used as a base to fill in the deep cracks and provide a smooth surface for us to apply ArmaKote as the final coating for the surface. Now it looks beautiful and brand new.

Check out our ArmaKote Page to view the completed job

Concrete Crack - Before applying SandKote
SandKote - Concrete Crack Filler - Floor Coverage - Protective Floor - Durban - South Africa
SandKote - Concrete Crack Filler - Floor Coverage - Protective Floor - Durban - South Africa
SandKote - Concrete Crack Filler - Floor Coverage - Protective Floor - Durban - South Africa
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Shower Floor

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SandKote Label




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