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NEW innovative coatings product range produced in South Africa


AcidKote is an extremely effective barrier against sulphuric or Hydrochloric acid and is used to protect concrete and steel from acid attack.


AlgiKote has been very specifically developed for aggressive cleaning of algae and other molds that grow in damp areas. After many tests and refining, we finally have the perfect aggressive cleaning solution that is part of a three-step process for properly cleaning and protecting your buildings, pools and other surfaces from algae and other forms of mildew.


Like wearing a suit of armour, this new space technology coating is designed for the hard life of the warrior bakkie, or 4x4 vehicle that speeds into the bush on stony gravel roads, spitting little rocks up onto your bodywork and scraping your way through dense thorny bush in the reserve or on your farm.

ArmaKote is truly a futuristic protective coating shielding from water, sun, thorny bushes, stone chipping, cold, slipping, traffic etc, can be applied to boat decks, bakkie linings, stone chip underbody, swimming pool decks, roofs, driveways, parking areas, stairways, walls, garden furniture etc,


AsbestoKote is specifically formulated to bind the aged fibers on the asbestos roof sheeting.

Not many people are aware of the inherent dangers associated with asbestos fibers and lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Visit our page for more information.


BathKote is the supreme white bath coating we have all been searching for.

At last a DIY bath coating, at a fraction of the price. Imagine rejuvenating your bath for about R200 instead of R2000.


BoatKote as a protective coating shielding the walls of your boat from UV degradation as well as waterproofing of the substrate, maintaining the aesthetics fully since the coating is completely transparent.


We crush all sorts of baked clay bricks with a wide assortment of colours, wash it and sieve it into useful sized fractions to mix with our proprietory custom PolyKote binder which can be trowelled onto any surface or with some imagination, can be painted onto existing brick paving to form a non-slip mildew and algae free surface.


ColorKote is a super high-quality self-leveling coating that is available in some colours. Due to the demand from a variety of clients, we have produced this coating as an additional product to our range.


This is very special, it is a formulation that is very rare in South Africa and serves a wonderful purpose of coating and protecting whilst insulating an entire world of products, things, tools, keys, metal, masonry, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, fabric, canvas, aluminium, ceramics, ornaments, gun grips, etc.


DustKote is an amazing self-crosslinking scientific polymer that combines with sand on dirt roads to form a solid hardwearing surface.

Can be used for a wide variety of applications including fun projects of sand art or sculpture.

DustKote has been developed specifically for the control of dust roads and other sandy or dusty areas. Rural untarred dust roads have been coated with amazing success.


FillaKote is a smooth crack filler that hardens like stone but remains semi-flexible to fill large or small cracks prior to painting or waterproofing.

It can be sanded or drilled and is highly adhesive to most surfaces, it can also be tinted with ordinary acrylic waterbased pigments.


FireKote is a profoundly effective flame-retardant for textiles such as bedding or tablecloths and special protective wear. It works on paper and cardboard to protect against fire. Please visit the FireKote page for video demonstrations.


FlorKote in case the spelling is a bit misleading is a floor coating of the toughest nature but is also earth-friendly

FlorKote can be used on almost any floor, whether on a pool surround, or garage or storeroom floor. Click here for more details.

GrassKote for Sports Fields

Our newest member of the Kote family is a very special formulation of a coating for sports fields for lines and logos.

Traditional paint will not do the job as it will simply kill the grass.

GrassKote allows the grass to breathe and to "see" light for photosynthesis. So the transference of moisture to and from the blades of the grass can continue thanks to our breakthrough formulation.

Ask is for colours if needed but white is most popular.


GripKote has brilliant adhesive strength on most surfaces and is completely see-through. This exceptional strength is also the reason for its super tough nature in withstanding wear and tear. It bonds the particles of silica (very fine sand) together to form a non-slip coating that can withstand a hard beating.


 GritKote is a new and exciting proven sand/acrylic compound manufactured for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications. Surround yourself with the luxury that never grows old or stale, this is luxury at its peak. Natural stone walls and a wonderful complimentary pebble driveway.


Leaking gutters are a pest and damaging and there are so many supposedly easy and cheap fixes until you actually try them and the next rains reveal a different story, still leaks and now you have to get the ladder out and start all over!


A very special blend of gypsum with high tech additives to achieve super fast setting of under 20 minutes whilst simultaneously delivering a super hard end product of over 14N/mm² is the ideal for any artist or commercial undertaking, it caters for everyone's needs.


InsulKote is an extremely weatherproof, UV-stabilised waterproofing and heat-reflecting ceramic ball coating. It can be used to reduce heat from the sun on tin roofs or silos etc. It can be used effectively to extend the life of other waterproofing compounds such as WaterKote on roofs. Visit InsulKote Page.


JoinKote is really magic!

This is a transparent thick cream that comes in a 50ml syringe which can be applied to baths and basins and kitchen sinks as a waterproofing sealer.

It is elastic but very hard-wearing and scrubbable.

It can be tinted to any colour.

It is not only a permanent sealer, but it is a powerful wood glue, or it can be used to seal roof nails in polycarbonate sheeting without making a mess.


KlearKote is our very best product, it is an extremely effective overall coating for weather protection, use underwater, or on a rooftop.

We recommend KlearKote over some of our other coatings when a super clear finish is required.

It is applied to ponds, pools, pebbles, stone, wood, concrete, marble, painted surfaces, tiles etc. Click to go to the KlearKote page


This is the most impressive secret formula cleaning detergent yet developed. Spray onto grease and oily surfaces and literally watch the dirt run down the wall or off your engine or stove or braai etc.

But it can be used to clean everything safely, baths, basins, stoves, walls, floors, greasy overalls, kitchen cupboards, greasy pans and pots and thousands more!


The ultimate clear floor preparation coating


The ultimate white skimming cream


Surround yourself with the luxury that never grows old or stale, this is luxury at its peak. Natural stone walls and a wonderful complimentary pebble driveway. If waterproofing needed then simply waterproof with WaterKote prior to application. Visit the PebbleKote Page for more details.


PolyKote is the foundation binder for all our aggregate products such as RubbaKote, SandKote, PebbleKote, and InsulKote. It is an extremely strong adhesive to most substrates. On its own it will form a flexible clear waterproof membrane. Please visit the PolyKote page for details.


PondKote was developed as a tinted waterproofing medium that doesn't have any harmful chemicals like most pond sealants.


PoolKote was developed as a tinted waterproofing medium that doesn't have any harmful chemicals like most pool sealants.


QuartzKote is a liquid tiling in a can.

Visit our QuartzKote page for more info


 This remarkable soft on the hands and feet rubber coating is being used in a wide variety of applications, from boat decks to bakkie bins and skateboards. Be sure to waterproof your substrate, if needed prior to application. Visit the RubbaKote Page for more details.


RustKote will protect everything metal from the harsh coastal conditions, whether it is a bicycle or an ocean-going ship to an oil-holding tank RustKote will protect it all.

Think gates, fencing, doors, equipment, garden tools, boats, pipes, roofing, motors etc.


 SandKote is a new and exciting proven sand/acrylic compound manufactured for a wide range of industrial and domestic applications as well as a most versatile DIY project material to produce flooring, wall cladding, your own tile shapes and thicknesses, coating for boat decks, stairways, garage floors, shower floors, and too many to mention applications. Waterproof substrate prior to application.


Our new ShowerKote is developed to waterproof and protect your bathroom from water damage.

visit our ShowerKote page to view more


SticKote is a thick creamy but transparent coating that is used for vertical application of pebbles on walls.

It is also used as a top coat to seal off pebbles to a nice smooth easy-to-clean finish.

A powerful wood glue. Transparent and waterproof.

In fact it will act as a tile adhesive for bathrooms and showers. Use the same product as a totally waterproof grouting that never gets algae buildup. Can be produced in white.


StrippaKote is our magic paint stripper, will not harm the substrate but dissolves all our products safely. So if you have a need to reverse a mistake made, simply coat with StrippaKote, leave for an hour and wash off with a rag and water.


Our new StyroKote renders polystyrene unbreakable, thus providing a new lightweight and insulating multi-purpose paneling.

visit our StyroKote page to view more


TennisKote is a wonderful new tough, UV stable, Non-slip tennis court coating for new courts or refurbished tennis courts.

A simple to apply coating using brooms or squeegees.


Keep the water out and the dry in, stop the growth of mildew and camp with peace of mind.

Simply brush or spray on. Dries totally transparent and flexible. UV stable.


Whilst thatching is really beautiful, it comes with some heavy prices to pay over time.

Birds love to steal your grass off your thatching. Thatch grass discolours very quickly and is soon more black with algae and in time rot. It becomes enormously heavy when wet and is frightfully expensive to replace. Let's keep in mind it is a naturally occurring organic grass and is susceptible to the ravages of nature.

At last there is a solution to all the above problems, ThachKote, it is the latest technology to protect your roof. Click to go to the ThatchKote page.


Tyres, by nature, are porous and therefore attract dirt. If only there were a coating that was crystal clear and adhered to rubber tyres which was UV stable and super glossy to make it really easy to keep clean...

Well, now there is just such a super coating, it is called TyreKote and it does all that you wish for plus more.


WaterKote, in essence, is a versatile clear enamel waterproofing paint.

You can use WaterKote to waterproof any surface and if you have any liquid left over you can mix it in with any aggregate, like our rubber crumb and apply it to your boat deck or anywhere that needs to be slip-proof.

This is the ultimate waterproofing medium in South Africa!

Check out our WaterKote page


WiteKote is the supreme white paint we have all been hoping someone would invent!

This is no ordinary white paint, in fact we decided as a niche coating manufacturer, to not go into the paint business, it is overcrowded with everyone trying to make the cheapest formulation possible, using bulking agents like calcium carbonate, etc to make it heavy and seem value for money. We refused to follow in the traditional footsteps of competitive paint companies. So if you are looking for cheap paint, we are not able to help and we do not apologise for it!


WoodKote is one-of-a-kind wood sealer that acts as a UV stable varnish and weather protector whilst also a most powerful wood adhesive. It is totally waterproof, dries quickly to form a totally crystal clear, scrubbable finish. In this rainy season, be sure to waterproof all your exterior wood structures with WoodKote. Visit the WoodKote page for more detailed information.

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