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There are millions of asbestos roofs in South Africa, they formed the basis of most public and private roofing choices going back almost a hundred years.

What most people do not know is how dangerous asbestos fibers are and the aging process of these roofs has resulted in loose fibers floating in the air around schools, clinics, hospitals, farms, industry, and almost everywhere.

On a hot windy day, the loose fibers will dislodge and become airborne. If this is in the area where children are playing etc, then you can expect them to breathe these fibers into their lungs, and according to Professor Howarth...

Howarth: We believe the danger from asbestos occurs only when the fibers are available to enter the lungs. That is why the hundreds of locations of damaged asbestos materials in schools are so troubling. Each area of damage releases fibers into the air. If not immediately breathed in by a passing student or teacher, they settle to the ground with the potential to be stirred up into the air repeatedly unless removed through cleaning.

The Dangers of Asbestos Video

Please watch this video to better understand the dangers of asbestos

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AsbestoKote - Asbestos Coating - Asbestos Roof Coating - Durban - South Africa




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