RustKote Label


RustKote is a water-based rust convertor and metal primer all in one.

A new technological breakthrough allows us to offer the most advanced form of metal protection from rust or where the prevention of rust is required.

RustKote convertor/primer will form a shield from old rust reaching the surface
whilst also providing a solid foundation for our WiteKote water-based enamel paint or our totally transparent WaterKote for waterproofing and UV protection.

A simple process of sanding the rust, washing off, allow to dry and start painting
two coats 30minutes apart before applying the top coat of your choice.

250 Hour salt spray test what it means...

These images are not doctored by photoshop to impress the visitors to this site but rather this is results from a world standards test with verifiable documentation.

Let's say you are looking for a product that is like no other, and that actually works as per these test results, then you need to send us an email or phone us.

Both in Germany and in France this product has been tested by companies who have been in business for over 180 years, try to wrap your mind around that statement. How many companies can you think of that is 180 years old?

These are the people and products we associate ourselves with, we refuse the cheap alternatives

This is a breakthrough and no one in this country has a product close to this.

Rust Protection Coating - RustKote
RustKote Label




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