RubbaKote Label

RubbaKote has brilliant adhesive strength on most surfaces and particularly on painted surfaces such as bakkie bins. This exceptional strength is also the reason for its super tough nature in withstanding wear and tear. It bonds the particles of tyre rubber together to form a non-slip coating that can withstand a hard beating.

Being in this particular product category for over thirty years, we have finally found the most effective means of protecting bakkie bins and other substrates. The reason is due to a new water-based polymer technology that exhibits all the desirable elements for such coatings.

Simply brush on and wash your tools with running water.

It is the most economical coating for this superb quality of product.

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RubbaKote Coating Demo - [Part 1]

Rubbakote is available in black, light grey and light blue.

Bakkie owners prefer black but yacht and ski boat owners want lighter heat-reflecting colours such as light grey or light blue.

This video demo helps to show the substrate preparation and first coat application.

Extremely easy to apply and highly effective in its functionality.


HINT: click on the little square to the left to view this video in large format.

RubbaKote Coating Demo - [Part 2]

RubbaKote can be sanded between coats to form a more even finish. This is desirable for such items a gun grips or tool handles where you intend to have a non-slip coating without the aggressive finish which is better on a bakkie bin.

On a hot day you can add coats one hour apart but do not put to use until 24 hours drying time.

It is best to have RubbaKote cure fully before dragging wheelbarrows accross its surface. Full cure takes about 5 to 7 days but normal light duty foot traffic is fine after 24 hours.

RubbaKote Coating Demo - [Part 3]

It all comes together on this third coat as we see in this video.

We suggest a fourth coat for builders and other hard wearing industries who punish their bakkies mercilessly.

The picture below is of the tin plate we used in this demo.

Remember, RubbaKote can be used in a myriad of applications, whether for large sports arena's to small gun grips. Skateboarders love it, fishermen love it and it works perfectly on stairs, or step ladder steps as well as shower floors. It porvides a seamless floor that can be hosed down or scrubbed endlessly.

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.

RubbaKote Rubberizing Bakkie Bin Liner

Business Idea

Would you like to open a really simple and highly affordable business?

This is your opportunity to take advantage of a growing market in every city, village, and suburb of South Africa.

Imagine being able to open a business for as little as R2000? This includes the rubberizing gun and ten bottles of 1lt Kote RubbaKote.

Send me an email at or phone me on 031 2616866 and let's start your business.

We will also add you to this site as a registered Kote Bakkie Liner for your area.

Check out BAKKIELINING to learn more...

RubbaKote Rubberizing Bakkie Bin Liner
Rubberised Bakkie Lining - RubbaKote - Rubber Coating - Durban - South Africa


As shown in the photos on the left and above it is easy to coat the back of your truck or bakkie with our specialized rubber coating made to last.

The application is simple so long as you follow the basic prep rules beforehand, by cleaning the surface with KleenKote. Once that step is complete you can simply brush it on with a paint brush or if you prefer you can use a UBS Gun to spray on the coating. Our 1lt bottles are the perfect size to screw onto a UBS Gun for your convenience.


As shown in the photos above it is easy to coat practically anything. This includes all your tools/tool handles.

Rubber Coating - RubbaKote Demo
Rubber Crumb Non-Slip Coating

This product can be applied to any surface where you require non-slip gripping but is also easy to clean.

In this photo you can see that the Thomas More College has applied the non-slpi rubber coating in order to prevent their students from slipping.

Rubber Non Slip Paint
Refurbished Trailor - WiteKote and RubbaKote
Refurbished Trailor - WiteKote and RubbaKote
Refurbished Trailor - WiteKote and RubbaKote

The trailor has been coated with our fantastically white paint, WiteKote for complete protection from the harsh weather. Just be sure to wear your sunglasses as it could be blinding.

The RubbaKote was applied to the inside bin of the trailor to provide a slip proof surface, as well as a protective layer for all your camping gear.

The perfect protective covering outside and in.

Yellow Rubber Non Slip Paint


Wanting something a bit more vibrant but is still slip proof?

A few of our customers have inquired if our rubber coating could be tinted or made in a different colour... we are proud to say that yes our RubbaKote is in fact tintable. As you can see from the images (left and right) you can have a rather bright and colourful rubber coating.

If you would prefer to not tint the rubber coating you can always paint over it with whatever colour paint you want too.


Blue Rubber Non Slip Paint
White Paint and Blue Tinted Non-Slip Rubber Step`
White Paint and Blue Tinted Non-Slip Rubber Step
White Paint and Blue Tinted Non-Slip Rubber Step
Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote

Latest High-Tech Polymer

Rubbakote is a very special development within the high-tech water-based polymer industry which is highly adhesive to a wide range of substrates and extremely tough and weather resistant.

Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubbakote comes in Black, light grey and light blue

In fact, we can tint RubbaKote to almost any colour, but these would be by special request, such as green for a tennis court, or terra-cotta for sports stadiums. Even baby pink for the lady who wants her bakkie branded.

Ski-Boat owners want light grey or light blue as do our yachting customers but feel free to ask for your preference.

Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


That's right! Rubbakote can be washed away with water. No harmful or expensive chemicals are needed to clean off your brushes.

But be sure to wash them immediately after use and between coats because if RubbaKote dries on the brush, you will need to throw it away!


Below are simple step by step visual images that  provide a concise instruction on how to apply the Rubbakote,

Simply open the tub and paint onto any surface you wish to rubberise.

*The Rubbakote in the images has been mixed with a Yellow acrylic stain colour

Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote
Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Simply purchase an acrylic paint colour enhancer and stir into your tub of Rubbakote.

Bare in mind that because of the black rubber, any colour you select will have a grey tint to it.

Therefore we advise not to use light colours or if you would prefer a lighter colour, simply apply it where ther is not heavy foot traffic.

Rubber Coating - Non Slip Rubber Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubbakote is a very special blend of acrylics which is highly adhesive to a wide range of substrates and extremely tough and weather resistant. 

It is water-based and therefore environmentally friendly and tools and brushes are easily cleaned with water.

Below are only some of the few applications for Rubbakote including applying it to Staircases for non-slip grip during rainy seasons, or to around your poolside making it safer for all to climb in and out of the pool

Rubber Coating - Non Slip Skateboard Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubber Coating - Non Slip Stairs Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubber Coating - Non Slip Gun Grip Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubber Coating - Non Slip Pool Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubber Coating - Non Slip Pool Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


Rubber Coating - Bakkie Coating - Rubber Protection - RubbaKote


RubbaKote Label




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