KremeKote is the supreme white creamy wall and ceiling skimming plaster we have all been hoping someone would invent!

This is no ordinary skimming cream, it is beyond smooth, with great adhesive strength yet completely workable. It will double as a cornice adhesive, crack filler, wall skimmer as well as the ultimate ceiling skimming medium.

If you are a perfectionist, then this product will make you scream with delight. There is nothing like it anywhere, so we cannot describe it as being like....?? It leaves the most amazing smooth velvety finish and is just tough enough to sand without being powdery. The decorator's dream come true.

KremeKote is also the medium to use when creating embossed finishes on a wall with the decorator's rubber patterned rollers.

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to download the Surface Preparation PDF document

BEFORE applying KremeKote:

Prior to skimming our KremeKote onto this ceiling there was SpunKote applied to help bridge the connection between the old ceiling and the new...

AFTER applying KremeKote:

Here you can see a smooth white cream was skimmed over the bridging and made a perfect base for when you come to apply your fresh coat of WiteKote

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.




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