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InsulKote Heat Reflective Coating

InsulKote is an extremely weatherproof, UV-stabilised waterproofing and heat-reflecting ceramic acrylic coating. It can be used to rejuvenate old roofs or protect new roofs. We recommend its use when heat is a problem and to extend the life of other waterproofing compounds such as WaterKote on roofs.

The sun is the most destructive element for man-made objects and combined with wind and rain, it does not take long for "weathering" degradation to begin showing on wooden, painted, clay or other building materials exposed to the elements.

InsulKote is a part of the KOTE family and is formulated to extend the life of substrates, so paint it on your roof, walls, etc.

InsulKote is a highly scientific coating, a UV stabilised, self cross-linking polymer, filled with ceramic hollow spheres that reflect heat and the elements in a way that no other coating can do. It will protect from hot pipes in factories. Keep metal parts exposed to the sun from scorching your hands. Amazingly effective.

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Silos absorb an incredible amount of heat which leads to spoilage of its food contents.

InsulKote is designed to combat this harmful heat with a superb micro hollow ceramic ball aggregate which has the highest heat reflection of all coatings.

We have found a way to incorporate this "natural" ceramic by-product into our exceptional weather-resistant polymer so as to provide a coating with really great heat resistance.

InsulKote - Ceramic Insulation Protective Coating - Durban - South Africa
Protect Your Goods From Heat - Heat Protection - InsulKote
InsulKote - Ceramic Insulation Protective Coating - Durban - South Africa
InsulKote Label




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