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DustKote is an amazing self-crosslinking scientific polymer that combines with sand on dirt roads to form a solid hardwearing surface.

Can be used for a wide variety of applications including fun projects of sand art or sculpture.

DustKote has been developed specifically for the control of dust roads and other sandy or dusty areas. Rural untarred dust roads have been coated with amazing success.



Sand art and sand sculpture are sweeping the world in popularity and hilarity and if you wish to have some therapeutic fun, then let us provide you with the sand and the spray on DustKote to make it a permanent feature in your garden. DustKote will soak into the sand forming a hard and weatherproof coating that will "solidify" your creation.

DustKote is a clear, flexible, water-based polymer designed to withstand the elements and protect your sand whether in art form or on your roads or garden paths.

Use DustKote to stiffen any dust surface - DustKote
Dust Road Coating - Road Coating - DustKote


This dirt road was coated with DustKote over three years ago in 2014 in Gauteng and as can be seen, even after suffering a flood in this area, the road looks as good as the day it was coated.

It is hard to imagine that merely by sweeping the road, damping it with water and then spraying with DustKote, that it would endure all the punishment of weather and traffic for such a long period without maintenance. See the short video clip below.

Using our imagination, it is easy to see many similar applications on the farm or around our gardens.

Merely shape a pathway, fill it with some good looking sand and spray it with DustKote to form a hard, weed-free, non-slip pathway.



Either use bricks as per the photo or any edging of your choice and fill in the path area with good-looking sand which we provide and spray it with DustKote. It will harden in a few hours and be ready for many years of trouble-free use.

No weeds will grow through this tough and beautiful layer and it can be hosed down for a new look in minutes.

Decorative Pebble Pathways - Garden Pathway - PebbleKote
DustKote Label





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