DampKote is a major advantage to anyone suffering from damp but lets first understand where damp comes from and then show how to prevent it.

Rising Damp
This is due to water creeping up through the foundation which obviously was not done according to first world standards. Proper building protocol calls for heavy guage plastic sheeting under floor concrete as well as DPC or damp proof course laid under the bickwork which is the barrier between the foundation and the brick walls stopping any water from rising up through the walls.

Inner Wall Damp
This is damp coming from outside the walls or from above the walls via the double wall cavity from roof leaks. It can penetrate through walls from soil that has been built up against outer walls in garden conditions like flower boxes etc. This damp could also be coming directly through poorly built and porous wall structures and will most definitely penetrate through cheap paint which is not a waterproofing material but an aesthetic coating.

Shower Wall Penetration
Often a shower wall will leach water through the grouting and soak the adjacent walls in bedrooms etc.

Balcony Tiling
Very common on verandas and balconies where tiling was done without proper waterproofing underneath. We can fix all these problems, simply give us a call.

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