White Enamel Paint - WiteKote - Refurbishing Paint


BathKote is the supreme white bath coating we have all been searching for.

This is no ordinary bath refurbishing paint, in fact we decided as a niche coating manufacturer, to not go into the paint business, it is overcrowded with everyone trying to make the cheapest formulation possible, using bulking agents like calcium carbonate, etc to make it heavy and seem value for money. We refused to follow in the traditional footsteps of competitive paint companies. So if you are looking for cheap paint, we are not able to help and we do not apologise for it!

Our paint, only available in white but is tintable, is of the highest caliber available and much like our clients, it fits into a  high-end niche to cater for the really fussy perfectionist.

You see, if you would like to paint something, say your enamel bath, you would look for a professional bath refurbisher at a rather high price to coat your bath. But what if you could find a water-based waterproof, hard-wearing, scrubbable smooth paint that would do that job for you for under R50? Would you like that?

I know I would, in fact, I did it! and you want to see my bath, wow!

The white is so white you need sunglasses to shield you from the brightness!

The reason for this super high-quality paint finish and whiteness, brightness, is in the sourcing of the most modern, "green" technology additives, the best that money can buy!

We also refuse to add powders and fillers to bulk up our paint, it is pure 100% UV stable, self-crosslinking acrylic polymer, again the best money can buy, it is the most hardwearing, scrubbable acrylic available! We use pure pre-dispersed Titanium Dioxide in super-high, optimum percentage along with some other tremendous additives to stop algae growth and make this paint stick like crazy to the substrate. Other high-quality additives make the paint flow so that a brush coat looks and feels like a spray coat.

So, no, there is no equal to our paint, because we are not in the low-end market!

We are fanatical about attention to detail and if you were to ask any chemist or paint technician about the need for a dry film acticide in coastal regions they will tell you it is essential, yet search as you may, you will not find coatings with the acticide additive for dry film protection. BathKote includes this vital ingredient which halts the growth of mildew and algae.

So, where can you use this magic paint?


Download brochure here.

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to see our BathKote being used by one of our Kote Contractors in Mossel Bay

AFTER applying BathKote:

You can see here that BathKote has created a stunning finish once completely dry.... It has restored the bath to its former glory.

The white is so bright that you will need sunglasses just to look at your newly refurbished bathtub.


Available in 1lt, 5lt and 20lt containers

Send us your Before and After shots

Show off the transformation the your home or any surface by sending us your photos of the 'before' and the 'after' effect once you've applied our product.

We will add your images to our website to help inspire others and to show just how creative you can be with out product.




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